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How to add another calendar to Outlook or the Webmail
Last Updated 8 months ago

This page aims to explain how to add a shared calendar in addition of your personal one.

From Outlook (screenshots taken from the 2016 version) :

First, open the calendar view by clicking on the icon in the bottom-left corner (screenshot, 1)
Then, click on "Open calendar" (screenshot, 2) and finally on "Open Shared Calendar" (Screenshot, 3)


In the little popup that appears, either click on "Name..." to open and browse the address book, or type the beginning of the name for the calendar you're looking for (see example below with the "Staff Calendar"):


Upon confirmation, this new calendar will be opened next to your personal one.

From the webmail :

First, open the calendar view by clicking on the calendar icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen (Screenshot, 1). Then, on the top ribbon, click on "Add Calendar" and then on "From Directory (screenshot, 2 and 3).
In the popup that appears, first field, enter the name of the calendar you want to have access to (see example below with the "Staff Calendar") :


Events from the different calendars are all displayed on the same view, each calendar corresponding to a specific colour code.

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