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Remote Access : Android
Last Updated 2 years ago

Please Download and install the Application onto your Android device by using the below link.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Go to 'Preferences' and Click on 'User accounts', Click on '+' and use you Email Address as your Username (Please remeber your Email Address is your username with on the end; eg username: j.bloggs email: [email protected]);

Go to 'Preferences' and Click on 'Gateways', Click on '+', Click on 'Server Name' and use "", Click on 'User account' and select your user you previously setup;

Go back to the Microsoft Remote Desktop Page on the App, and click on the '+' button, Select 'Desktop', put the 'PC name' as "rdspool" and select your username that you previously setup.
Check the 'Show addition options" box and scroll too 'Gateway', select the Gateway you previously setup.
The Applicaiton should now look like this;

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